Cheesy Buffalo Chickpea Dip

Crockpot Applesauce

Homemade Pizza Rolls


Cracked Black Pepper & Jalapeno Buttermilk Cheese

Paneer Cheese


Cranberry Sauce

Easiest Fruit Preserves (Plus: No-Peel GrapeΒ Jam!!)

Spicy Hummus & One-Time Tahini

Sundried Tomato Marinara

Vegan Tartar Sauce

Entrees/Main Course

Black Bean “Juicy Lucy” Burger

Butternut Mac ‘n’ Goat Cheese

Cheesy “Bacon” Potato Nachos

Cheesy Tempeh & Black Bean Sourdough Tamale Pie

Chickpea Cakes

Crock Pot Pinto Beans & Fat Free Vegan “Refried Beans”

Grilled Tempeh & Veggie Fajitas

Italian Eggplant Hoagies

Kimchi Noodles

Vegan Brisket

Fermented Foods

Vegan Kimchi

Lacto-Fermented Curtido

Quick Pickled Foods

10 Minute Refrigerator Pickles

Pickled Watermelon Radishes


Chickpea Salad AKA Mock Tuna Salad


Tempeh Breakfast Sausages


Farmer’s Market Vegetable Soup

French (Red) Onion Soup

Potage Parmentier (Potato Leek Soup)


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