Easy Coconut Milk Ice Cream!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. I KNOW. Once again, I’ve been distracted by that little thing called life. My dog is pregnant again. She’s going to pop any day now! I’ve been preparing for that along with trying my best to escape the Texas heat. And what better way than with ICE CREAM?!!


Chocolate Chip Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of those foods you are either borderline obsessed with, or you could just do without. I am obsessed. However, I don’t eat store-bought ice cream often, as it is typically chock full of high fructose corn syrup, chemical preservatives, artificial additives, and “natural” flavors. Not to mention, most dairy that is not organically certified is going to contain antibiotics and possibly growth hormone. I’ll pass. There are a few vegan coconut milk ice creams that I enjoy. They are certified organic and do not contain dangerous ingredients. Nada Moo and So Delicious are my brands of choice. However, they aren’t sold everywhere and can be hard to procure when you have a craving.

For this reason, I’ve been searching for a great ice cream that I can make at home, sans fancy ice cream maker. I’ve done the amazing banana ice cream, and while it is good, it’s just not the same as coconut milk ice cream. Coconut milk ice cream is so similar to ‘real’ ice cream – only better. It tastes great with all kinds of flavors and add ins.. So I decided to try my hand at it. I’ve made a few batches of this ice cream, and so far have been very impressed with the results. I’m sure you would get better quality or texture by using an ice cream maker, and if you have one, by all means USE IT!

Alas, I don’t have an ice cream maker, so here is my super simple way to do it!

Easy Coconut Milk Ice Cream!


Strawberry with Berry Bits & Chocolate Chips

You Need:

  • 1-2 cans organic full-fat coconut milk
  • sweetener of choice (I use local honey – to taste)
  • pinch of sea salt or pink Himalayan salt
  • optional add ins: organic vanilla extract, cocoa powder, cacao nibs, chocolate chips, fresh fruit, nuts, cookie or brownie bits, ect!!! Get creative!!! πŸ™‚

Directions: Blend the coconut milk with sweetener of choice and salt to taste. Add vanilla and/or cocoa powder if using and mix well. (I use my Magic Bullet to get the ingredients incorporated.) Stir in any additional add-ins you desire. (You can get really creative when choosing your flavors. For the strawberry above, I blended fresh organic strawberries with the coconut milk and then added chopped bits to the cream before freezing. YUM!!!! πŸ™‚ ) Freeze until solid, stirring occasionally.


Chocolate with Cacao Nibs

It take a few hours for the ice cream to get solid enough to enjoy. The wait is well worth it though!

You’ll love this easy and delicious way to beat the heat!!!! πŸ™‚

Namaste-cool out there! LOL!

*This post was shared on Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways andΒ  Wildcrafting Wednesday!


6 thoughts on “Easy Coconut Milk Ice Cream!

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    • My pleasure!! πŸ™‚ I love it as well, but it’s hard to find around my area. Even if I do, there are limited flavors. Being able to make your own is really fun (and delicious)!

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