Tempeh Breakfast Sausages

Tempeh is my all-time favorite meat substitute. You can easily transform tempeh to suit your needs and recreate almost any type of meat dish. I love to crumble it up and use it as a ground meat substitute in tacos, meatloaf, and this amazing tempeh breakfast sausage! 🙂


Tempeh, if you are unfamiliar, is a fermented soy bean patty that is healthy in all the ways tofu is not. Tempeh is a lot less processed and is abundant with probiotics (since it’s fermented)! I buy my tempeh from a local business called The Hearty Vegan. Their tempeh is honestly the best I’ve ever had!!! And I can find it much cheaper at my local producer’s market than at the grocery store!

To make this ‘sausage,’ you want to first gather your ingredients:

  • 1-2 packages organic tempeh (thawed and crumbled)
  • vital wheat gluten
  • balsamic vinegar
  • liquid smoke
  • grapeseed oil
  • organic tamari
  • maple syrup or honey
  • yellow or brown mustard
  • spices – salt, pepper, oregano, smoked paprika, cumin, thyme, poultry seasoning, ect. (You can mix and match – whatever tastes best to you!)

First things first, let me warn you that this is one of those recipes where absolutely no measuring is involved. It’s sorta ‘feel as you go.’ If you’re a previous carnivore, however, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Even if you’ve never had meat, it’s pretty easy to determine the texture you will need. It needs to be firm enough to shape into patties, yet not so firm that it’ll cook up hard.


For this recipe, I run my tempeh crumbles through the food processor and then add the other ingredients. You’ll want to add the liquids first and then the spices and vital wheat gluten to firm up the ‘ground meat.’ As far as proportions, you’ll want to start with about 1tbs of each liquid and then add more as you see fit (taste/texture wise). Use your best judgement. When the ingredients come together to form a sort of ‘meat dough,’ you are ready to form them into patties and get to cooking! (You can always form the patties now and wrap them up for later, too! Or freeze them if you wish!!)


Lightly fry the patties in grapeseed oil until they are browned and heated through. They start to really look like breakfast sausage at this point, and smell even better! Serve alongside pancakes and hash, or crumble these tasty patties into your own vegan biscuits and gravy!!! 😀


Breakfast is BACK! Enjoy. 😉


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