Spring is in the Air – A Love/Hate Story.

Spring has sprung, and today I am positively pissed at pollen. I haven’t been sick in two years, and today I actually contemplated leaving work early. I didn’t. But I thought about it more than once. 😉

To remind myself WHY I’m vehemently mouth-breathing, I am posting some pictures from around the yard here at The Ascension House. Enjoy.. XOXO!


Nasturtium, The Empress of India – The flowers and leaves are edible! 🙂


Jasmine! This vine has taken over 1/4 of the patio. I’ve patiently been waiting all winter for this!


Organic cherry tomatoes!!!


Petunias from a few weeks ago. There’s about 3 times the blooms now!!


Gorgeous yellow Iris! (Please ignore the weeds.. I’m getting to them. Lol) ❤


Organic early girls. 🙂


Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender! Crazy, awesome plant!


Baby strawberries last week. They are much larger now and there are 6!!!

rose (2)

I also found a vibrant pink rose bush the other day, right after mentioning to my friend that I wanted one. This house is always surprising me with things. 🙂

Now, I’m off to consume copious amounts of local honey and honeycomb…




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