Homegrown Smudge Sticks

The burning of herbs for ritual purposes has been standard in many religions and cultures since ancient times. When you burn certain herbs, they release negative ions into the air, promoting positivity and cleansing the space (or the person, ect). Water also contains negative ions, which is why you feel so clean and refreshed after a shower or a swim in the ocean or pool. It is ideal to smudge your home when you first move in, to release any unwanted energy from previous tenants. It’s also advised to smudge an area after an argument or other such negative event. You can also smudge yourself if you’ve been feeling down, anxious, or unmotivated!

The most common herbs for smudging are white and garden sage. Other herbs can be used, however, you want to take care and do your research before burning just anything. Some herbs are not meant to be burned, and their smoke can be noxious.

You can buy ready bundled smudge sticks at most head shops or New-Age type stores. In my area, they are not hard to find at all. However, they can become quite costly. I am an avid DIY-er, and typically make things from scratch anyways, so why not these? After seeing this amazing DIY illustration, I knew I had to pick some herbs right away!


Β source

I chose some garden, purple, and pineapple sages, along with lavender and rosemary. Bundled them up and bound them with 100% cotton yarn. It’s now hanging in my office, patiently drying. πŸ™‚


I can’t wait to use my homemade smudge stick in a spring cleansing ritual of my own! Namaste!


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