“I Don’t Like Squash” Butternut Mac ‘n’ Goat Cheese

My bf doesn’t like squash. Let me rephrase that, my bf thinks he doesn’t like squash. When JC says, “I don’t like _____,” I see that as my personal challenge to change his mind.

Case in point, JC thinks he doesn’t like squash. All kinds of squash. Every kind. My opinion is that he hasn’t quite given them a fair shot. So, I created a recipe to please (and possibly convert) this previous squash skeptic. It is my pleasure to present:

Butternut Mac ‘n’ Goat Cheese


You will need:

  • 1 butternut squash
  • grapeseed oil
  • butter
  • flour
  • coconut milk (or milk of choice)
  • soft goat cheese
  • gruyere (or another complementary cheese)
  • pasta (I used penne)
  • salt, pepper, mustard & garlic powder, and fresh nutmeg
  • panko breadcrumbs

First thing, you want to cut the squash in half and remove the seeds. Rub with oil, salt, and pepper. Roast cut side down about 20 minutes. Flip and roast another 20 minutes or so, until tender.


Next, allow squash to cool and then scoop out all of the flesh. Run through a food processor until you have a nice puree. Set aside. Now, you want to create a simple roux. Cook equal parts of butter and flour over medium heat and then slowly whisk in a few cups of milk. Bring to a boil, and then reduce to low. Allow to thicken for a bit, adding more milk if necessary. Add your cheeses and then your butternut puree. Season with salt, pepper, mustard & garlic powder, and some fresh nutmeg.


Add cooked pasta to your butternut cheese sauce and stir to combine! Pour into a casserole dish and top with panko breadcrumbs. Broil until the panko is lightly toasted. Serve immediately with freshly baked bread! πŸ™‚


Obviously, there were absolutely NO complaints about this squash-laden meal. I think we’re about ready to move on to the next despicable vegetable….. πŸ˜‰

Enjoy!!! xoxo

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6 thoughts on ““I Don’t Like Squash” Butternut Mac ‘n’ Goat Cheese

  1. Butternut squash is so much better roasted! As a child my mother always boiled it. I hated it. But since I tried it roasted I’ve been using it everything – salads, sandwhiches, pizza, pasta. I can’t get enough of it now!

  2. Oh my gosh, this recipe has pretty much all my favourite things rolled into one meal!!! Love the idea of the panko breadcrumb topping… with the cheesy squash goodness, mmmm πŸ™‚ My husband’s disliked vegetable (and there aren’t many… he’s pretty good. This one was treated with disdain!) was brussels sprouts. I’ve since converted him by either roasting or frying them with chilli, bacon, pine nuts and some lemon rind (and a good splash of olive oil). Yum. Such a sense of satisfaction when you can make something hated taste good!

    • I agree! There’s no greater pleasure than seeing your man devouring previously ‘loathed’ vegetables! πŸ˜€ This recipe is fantastic! I hope you enjoy! xoxo

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