Around Here… Plus a Super Simple Multi-Use Recipe!

I haven’t been inspired to write much lately. Probably has something to do with this Mercury retrograde. I have still been cooking, collecting recipes and poor-quality photos. I have been busy planning my garden, and my dream business. There are so many things to manifest, it can be completely draining… However,  I am determined to succeed. And I think that’s all it takes. 😉

Since I don’t feel like writing, I wanted to share with you a few pictures and a super easy recipe for an organic, all natural dye! More on that later. Here are some of the best parts of my life lately:

pants (3)

My sweet babies, Pants and Bubbles (sleepy boy). The most perfect puppies ever made. 🙂


Lantana blooms and a feather my nephew found at the Renaissance Faire this year. ❤


JC and I went to Roadhouse in Bastrop for dinner tonight. It was super yummy! Lots of vegetarian options and great fried pickles! I hear their (meat) burgers are pretty kick-ass, too! 😉


Customer Service Kitty is not amused. (Looks like me after a looooong day! Lol)

bread (2)

Homemade bread: Perfect for sandwiches and I like to use the ends for homemade croutons!

This next part I’m very excited to share. I love experiencing light-bulb type moments. Like, when you’re chopping beets for your juice on a Saturday morning and you notice the natural juices oozing over the cheap, white cutting board. And you think, “Man, beets are the perfect natural dye.” And since you can’t use a whole beet in one glass of juice (it hurts my tummy), you decide to just chop up the rest… And suddenly ponder, “What could I mix this with…” Then you remember there’s a big container of organic vegetable glycerin with your cosmetic-making supplies.. And thus, I present:

Organic, Completely-Natural Beet Dye/Food Coloring/Lip & Cheek Stain


You will need:

  • 1/2 organic beet, diced small
  • 1/2 cup organic vegetable glycerin (I got mine from Mountain Rose Herbs)

That’s it! Put both ingredients in a jar with a lid. Let it sit on the counter for three days. Shake every now and then. Observe the beautiful color. Once you are satisfied with the result, simply strain the mixture and store in a jar. Glycerin is a natural preservative, so this dye does not need to be refrigerated. I used a little in some cupcake icing and it turned a lovely shade of light pink. The picture didn’t come out very well… So you’ll have to try it for yourself. 😉


I also intend to include this in some homemade lip balm in the very near future! You can even use this straight-up, as is, by applying a little directly to your lips and cheeks. It reminds me of that BeneTint stuff, only goodness knows what they put in that crap!!! I hope you enjoy this easy-to-make, multi-use concoction!!! Namaste for now! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Around Here… Plus a Super Simple Multi-Use Recipe!

  1. Love this! When I juice with beets I usually take the ends off and use them as little blush-infused sponges. The touch of vegetable glycerin is genius!

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